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Six virtues have guided the Sentinels of Peace for three thousand years – peace, strength, honesty, compassion, honor and forgiveness. Mosa, the spiritual leader selected the four heroes – Cooper, Solange, Koen and Ori– for their unique and supernatural abilities. They are all being raised by foster parents who are former Sentinels. Throughout various adventures they will be tested as they work together to beat back evil. Through success they will enhance their gifts.
The oldest Sentinel is an Australian boy named Cooper. People are shocked to find out he’s only 11, because at five-feet-nine, he towers over his peers. He’s as strong as an ox and uses that strength to help those in need. An only child, he and his father would roam the country looking for odd jobs. Cooper’s father knew his son was gifted and needed guidance to control and manage his powers. He encouraged Cooper to join the Sentinels.
Ten-year-old Solange nurtures her fellow Sentinels because she’s family oriented. She is an old soul. Having spent some time on her grandmother’s farm, she has a strong bond with the earth and animals. Her powers are organic, as she can control the movement of earth, fire, water and wind. After her grandmother passed on, she was taken in by a loving foster father who realized his daughter had tremendous gifts and needed more than he could give. So he sent her off to the Sentinels with love and acceptance.
Born in Osaka, Japan, Koen never knew his real family and was raised by foster parents. They showed their love for him by providing the basics, like food on the table and a roof over his head, however, outward display of affection and emotions were minimal. The nine-year-old was passionate about karate. Koen had a difficult time being accepted because of his ability to read minds. He knew when people were talking about him, even what they said about him, and he felt awkward and intimidated making friends.
Ori is from a large, close-knit family in India. She’s only eight, but sometimes she says things that make it seem like she’s wise beyond her years. Other times, her childish curiosity reveals her. Ori’s parents embraced their daughter’s gift of healing, and never considered giving her up, but Mosa persuaded them that she could do more good as a Sentinel and promote peace throughout the world.